Monday, 30 March 2015

Free stair upgrade & delays to cabinets & painting.

I got a call from SS and he offered me a free upgrade worth $6-7,000 to have the open floating stairs. I don't want it as that's wasted storage space in my opinion for our busy household and we want carpet on stairs. Turns out stair company made wrong stairs for us and didn't want to remake the ones we ordered. Oh well, they are now delaying their other jobs to build ours which should have been installed today and then get it from QLD to Vic.
Not to worry about the delay too much,  cabinetry and painting delayed 2 weeks, has allowed me to go on holidays semi stress free knowing not much happening until stairs are in. 
House looks good with lots of lovely natural light. 

A point of note our SS is now managing 21 house builds due to 3 supervisors leaving PD recently and they're waiting for new guys to train up in next month. I guess my micro supervision from a distance (ie sneaky site visits) helps reduce my stress. 

Our place is now officially at lockup now with all windows and doors in. However that said they are waiting on new front door to come from Sydney so can't actually lock front door yet. 

Roof flashing done but final tile yet to be set in place. 
Window winders are not all fixed yet, Stegbar to return pre completion for full service and adjustments. A few dont shut evenly and some are very loose. 

Wet area waterproofing done to standard plan but we paid extra to have entire floors and tiled areas done. This was noted today and SS will rectify. 

The rain water tank slab was meant to have ableflex joint between it on engineering plans but not done. Concreter reviewed site with engineering after he questioned need for ableflex joint prior to pour and said having it joined to house slab will make it more stable. Why didn't we get told this earlier or have plans altered? So that's all done. 

I have to kill weed forest tomorrow as site should be cleared soon of all debris and can't see most of it at the moment due to weeds. SS will spray it if I leave the poison for him but I will do it myself to make sure its done fully.

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