Friday, 6 March 2015

Pre plaster things continue - a big rant

Hmm, I've been pacified re issues but I will believe it is all fixed when I see it for my own eyes. 
Scaffolding down, this means render complete to upper floors, eaves, gutters complete. 
Windows not yet properly glazed and finished installing all windows/frames. Stegbar due out next week to finish the job and I've been told fix the sagging sliding doors. 
Apparently an apprentice was helping our internal carpenter and didn't do good job, he's no longer employed. So, our frame issues remain. Heard several times already they are coming ##day to fix it...blah blah blah. Plaster delayed again till next Friday. 
 Here's what I've learnt. Every trade is a contractor. They do their job and leave. If they do a bad job then it takes time to get them back because it means they're already on other jobs and it means they loose money by returning to fix issues or jobs. They are all "under the pump" to finish jobs. My thinking is, who cares how many jobs they have. Do a good job the first time like you are being PAID to do and you don't loose money by coming back to a finished job that was done shit. I WILL notice and yes I will continue to remind you it needs fixing despite it only been a minor and non structural issue and not vital in "your" opinion but still set out in Australian standards codes as unacceptable and you say it can be corrected in next stage. Seriously didn't your mother teach you to do it right the first time or yes I will ask you to do it again and again until you get it right. 
Oh just because you said you'd fix it doesn't mean it will be done, & if frame goes up and concreter will come and fill it but doesn't and then hebel guys come and cover up issue so I can't see it anymore; YES I still know it's not done and yes you still have to fix it even if yes they have to take hebel off again. Do it right the first time people. 
Ok rant over. I'm a perfectionist and don't like others not doing it right. I'm tired from stressing over it and lack of sleep. SS says leave the stress to me - as if I can leave you in control, youre so busy with other jobs and I don't trust you to remember it all. 
Ooh I think I need sleep and might have to edit this later!

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