Monday, 30 March 2015

Free stair upgrade & delays to cabinets & painting.

I got a call from SS and he offered me a free upgrade worth $6-7,000 to have the open floating stairs. I don't want it as that's wasted storage space in my opinion for our busy household and we want carpet on stairs. Turns out stair company made wrong stairs for us and didn't want to remake the ones we ordered. Oh well, they are now delaying their other jobs to build ours which should have been installed today and then get it from QLD to Vic.
Not to worry about the delay too much,  cabinetry and painting delayed 2 weeks, has allowed me to go on holidays semi stress free knowing not much happening until stairs are in. 
House looks good with lots of lovely natural light. 

A point of note our SS is now managing 21 house builds due to 3 supervisors leaving PD recently and they're waiting for new guys to train up in next month. I guess my micro supervision from a distance (ie sneaky site visits) helps reduce my stress. 

Our place is now officially at lockup now with all windows and doors in. However that said they are waiting on new front door to come from Sydney so can't actually lock front door yet. 

Roof flashing done but final tile yet to be set in place. 
Window winders are not all fixed yet, Stegbar to return pre completion for full service and adjustments. A few dont shut evenly and some are very loose. 

Wet area waterproofing done to standard plan but we paid extra to have entire floors and tiled areas done. This was noted today and SS will rectify. 

The rain water tank slab was meant to have ableflex joint between it on engineering plans but not done. Concreter reviewed site with engineering after he questioned need for ableflex joint prior to pour and said having it joined to house slab will make it more stable. Why didn't we get told this earlier or have plans altered? So that's all done. 

I have to kill weed forest tomorrow as site should be cleared soon of all debris and can't see most of it at the moment due to weeds. SS will spray it if I leave the poison for him but I will do it myself to make sure its done fully.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Post Handover things to start thinking about - only 16 weeks away (maybe)

I've always thought the house will be finished around September which allows a 38 week build period then add 3-4 weeks for christmas/NYE break and a few days for weather and illness. Despite the past month nothing happening and delays in getting plaster started its still in on track to finish 2 months early. They are suggesting mid July we will have our keys, super happy with that (a little bit of me still is planning for at least August finish). So time to think about post handover tasks and things I need to buy, here's my list so far:

Post Handover Tasks & things to buy
Ø  Spare set of keys
Ø  Council
·         Crossover repair & widening (get deposit back from council)
·         Order 2nd recycling bin from council
·         Car permits for street

Ø  Organise connections/contracts for
·         Internet/cable & voip (new modem), must arrange connection from street to house(<$300)
·         Electricity
·         Gas
·         Water
·         Insurance

Ø  Window tinting in bathrooms upstairs
Ø  Window furnishings – blinds, curtains, shutters etc in bedrooms & tv room.

Ø  Pool Company
·         Complete/connect plumbing & electrical equipment
·         Tile
·         Lay copers (must supply for them) confirm quantity
·         Solar panel installation

Ø  Landscapers
·         Driveway – exposed aggregate (~$100/m)
·         Front entrance decking or paving
·         Front pathway & side pathways (west side pavers, east side pavers or concrete)
·         Front Fence, letterbox & manual gate
·         Clothesline install (I supply)
·         Garden beds, grass, DIY raised veg patches in front
·         Alfresco decking area
·         Outdoor shower plumbing under side path but install later
·         Pool glass fence & pavers & equipment storage box
·         Plants front/back/sides
·         Bin screen
·         Paint boundary fences (DIY myself)
·         Ensure boundary fencing unclimbable for safety near pool & check height >2m

Ø  Cat flap door
Ø  House sign/number

Ø   Electrical jobs
·         Alarm
·         Intercom
·         Install dining pendant lights (already purchase)
·         Install external lights
·         Shabbat timer
·         Alfresco fan/light

Plumber/Handman - sealing of the wet area tiles and garage floor.

Ø   Jetmaster – install hearth (black marble flat stone ) must buy at stone mason  

Ø  Things to purchase
·         Condenser dryer
·         10kg front loader washing machine
·         Cordless vacuum for stairs
·         TV & TV wall mount
·         Couches, coffee table, lamp & rug for family room (ebay, grays)
·         Dining chairs – Freedom
·         Barstools (5)
·         Dining side board table/cupboard - Dare
·         TV room – tv cabinet & storage unit for toys downstairs
·         IKEA
§  Study – Billy bookcases (5), wooden kitchen bench top to convert to desk top, cabinet draws & filing draws, lamp, desk chair
§  Master bedroom WIR – Wardrobe setup, mirror, lamps
§  Child 1 & 2 – Lego storage unit and table for slot cars
§  Child 3 - Bedside table, lamp & bookcase
§  Child 4 – Bedside table, lamp & Toy boxes for current bookshelf
§  Clothes hanging rod for under laundry top cupboards
§  Kitchen cutlery draw dividers
·         Hardware store
§  Garage shelving & bike hanging
§  Lawn mower
§  Letterbox, clothesline

Ø  Wish list
            Outdoor/alfresco couch, furniture & bean bags
·         BBQ
        Ø  Discounts/offers to think about
·         Use Qantas FF points - $100 harvey norman 14100 points, Mitre 10 $100 14600points, BBQ galore $100 15100 points
·         PD partners/discounts
§  Bowens card
§  Melbourne Brick – 10% off pavers, lawn etc
§  Plantmarks trade markets – trade prices for plants

Monday, 23 March 2015

Slab fixes (sort of) & plaster done

Plasterers "fixed" slab issues apparently as per SS, so I went & looked for myself and they must have only just left as it was still wet. As long as it's structurally fine as they assured me and it's just cosmetic I have to accept these repairs that will be covered with render in weeks to come anyway. They put steel at angel under one section and then filled it to satisfy our Inspector they said they normally wouldn't do this. 

The plasterers were meant to start on Friday. We had a sneak peak on Sunday morning and the entire house is done! Apparently they worked until 9pm Saturday night as per my neighbour; love my neighbourhood watch team. Time to deliver some thank you choc brownies again to them. 

Upstairs activity area
Upstairs master bedroom
Kitchen & dining room

I had to submit a building objection to council on Friday because our next door neighbours are developers dividing block next to us. Never done one before and feel bad but don't like the idea they are planting a tree agsinst our backyard fence that could grow to 12m high in their building plans. Hopefully they will move it to other side of their yard. Also they are building 2 town houses and building on boundary line in several areas with an underground car park which means a massive 3.4m deep crater will be dug 1.2m away from our new house. I'm nervous they are going to damage our slab when they dig the piers & excavate their site in the next few months. Will see what council have to say. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Front door & review of other issues.

Forget guidelines or regulations, just do whatever suits you on a Sunday morning. That is until reality and the real world catch up with you. Site supervisor also had a laugh at placement to door lock and handle and agrees with my markings on door where lock and handle should be moved to. I'm happy to hear they have to replace the whole door now as it can't be patched up. Oops on their part. 
Sliding Door frames now all nailed correctly to abutting wall. 
Wall bracing not needed in bed 3 now, not sure why. 
Insulation finished being installed and told plasters will put last bit of insulation in under cooling heating unit; not sure if I trust this comment. 

Still need to follow up on
- Roof repairs where leak/light coming in
- roof finish edges on dining and alfresco
- hebel finish gaps in alfresco area
- air gap to be covered in sliding door in master ensuite
- missing noggin in dining room
- window/door corrections and replacements
- all toilet vent ducts should be in this afternoon

- Slab issues, meeting delayed until Tuesday (& it's now thrs & nothing)

Official Onsite inspection delayed until after plaster; apparently stairs and kitchen go in immediately after plaster. 
In a week or two house will look like real house inside. 

Hebel gap to be filled. 

Level issue of trusses, apparently now fixed. I think I have trust issues with my truss, didn't look fixed yesterday. 

Not how our slab should look, the frame should be level with slab but framer done a good job compensating for lack of slab. This is area which might need hebel frame fully repaired. 

I can fit half my forearm up this gap. Nice area for pests to live, this needs filling big time. 

Overall I'm happy with resolutions of issues so far, despite the stress roller coaster rides it's progressing well. Got a call from accounts department who were asking about lockup invoice; she agrees that for lockup to be complete one must have roof finished, and all windows and doors in, not just frames. So we happily wait before exchange of money happens and they reassured me this doesn't change or delay next stages at all. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Still pre plaster & front door issue

Saw carpenter putting in front door lock today. The door handle seems a bit low but the lock is so high I have to stand on tippy toes to insert key - What Was He Thinking?????? I know I'm short but it's at the almost 2m height...
I said he will have to change it but he said he will leave it for now as he'd just finished. Seriously are they from another planet. 

Roof on alfresco now on but not yet finished at edges. 
Insulation finished in most areas. 
Couldn't see wet areas inside but can still see light in roof where I shouldn't. 
Some frame issues fixed and some told not to worry about as non structural. 
Toilet air vent pipes not installed yet. 
Sliding door frame pockets not nailed and when I told carpenter today he didn't even know about it despite me telling SS several times. 
Slab issues remain
Windows still not finished or replaced

I feel less angry but still annoyed with the lack of thought they have, no practical thoughts at all. 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Slab issues still here & carpentry issues getting there.

A few carpentry issues have been done. Yippee. They did our recessed cabinets at last. 

They've fixed some studs and noggins and have gone through shaving and adding things to walls to make them not bow once plaster on. 
My issue over rain was pacified by saying it was the wind that blew it in via windows, I disagreed but accepted I could be wrong. I now can see daylight through roof and know I am right, roof is leaking. 

Plumbing issues mostly fixed with all pipes (gas/water) secure and held in place nicely in roof and walls and siliconed at every entry point in stud or noggin. 

Slab issues remain. Unacceptable overhangs still not filled and gaps and holes need filling. Most issues around garage so there isn't such weight on it but it must be fixed to meet standards codes and hebel covering most of it up now. Hopefully slab supervisor can meet me on site to discuss issues ASAP. We are getting annoyed still not fixed. 

This weeks issues to chase up
- slab issues
- electrician return to wire bathrooms now recessed cabinets insitu
- roof leaking
- front door frame detached and leaning at 80degrees. 
- Front door detached and leaning
-  Sliding doors frame not all frame pockets nailed to abutting wall frame. 
- check why toilet external air vent pipes not installed yet in every toilet. 
-  Stegbar to fix all windows doors and sliding doors
- framer - Lounge Sliding door frame one frame pocket not nailed to abutting wall frame. Study - broken frame above doorway. Upstairs activity area noggin broken.  Bed 3 - west wall bracing has been removed and not reinstalled.  Master suite - entrance gaps near cavity door not closed off on floor/roof where external air flow will come through cavity door area. 
-  Insulation - various gaps need filling and needs installation under heating/cooling units in upper foyer area prior to plastering. 

- we want to do a sweep of internal wall areas so mess not hidden by plasterers. 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Pre plaster things continue - a big rant

Hmm, I've been pacified re issues but I will believe it is all fixed when I see it for my own eyes. 
Scaffolding down, this means render complete to upper floors, eaves, gutters complete. 
Windows not yet properly glazed and finished installing all windows/frames. Stegbar due out next week to finish the job and I've been told fix the sagging sliding doors. 
Apparently an apprentice was helping our internal carpenter and didn't do good job, he's no longer employed. So, our frame issues remain. Heard several times already they are coming ##day to fix it...blah blah blah. Plaster delayed again till next Friday. 
 Here's what I've learnt. Every trade is a contractor. They do their job and leave. If they do a bad job then it takes time to get them back because it means they're already on other jobs and it means they loose money by returning to fix issues or jobs. They are all "under the pump" to finish jobs. My thinking is, who cares how many jobs they have. Do a good job the first time like you are being PAID to do and you don't loose money by coming back to a finished job that was done shit. I WILL notice and yes I will continue to remind you it needs fixing despite it only been a minor and non structural issue and not vital in "your" opinion but still set out in Australian standards codes as unacceptable and you say it can be corrected in next stage. Seriously didn't your mother teach you to do it right the first time or yes I will ask you to do it again and again until you get it right. 
Oh just because you said you'd fix it doesn't mean it will be done, & if frame goes up and concreter will come and fill it but doesn't and then hebel guys come and cover up issue so I can't see it anymore; YES I still know it's not done and yes you still have to fix it even if yes they have to take hebel off again. Do it right the first time people. 
Ok rant over. I'm a perfectionist and don't like others not doing it right. I'm tired from stressing over it and lack of sleep. SS says leave the stress to me - as if I can leave you in control, youre so busy with other jobs and I don't trust you to remember it all. 
Ooh I think I need sleep and might have to edit this later!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Delays pre plaster

Our internal chippy has got some illness so he can't work at the moment so it's delayed our plaster now by 3 weeks so far as they still haven't fixed internal carpentry issues. Really getting annoyed now as delays continue despite SS pushing to have plaster start. He is meant to be my advocate in getting walls right before plaster hides all the errors but it feels like I am reminding him what needs doing. 
Anyway most of hebel finished and render almost finished. Scaffolding was meant to come down Friday but still there & should be down tue. 
We got lockup invoice but they haven't put dining room roof on and windows aren't complete so reminded them that I won't be paying until they are actually at lockup stage. SS apologized for forgetting that and all agree not at lockup yet. 
Bumped into concreter fixing some concrete stuff onsite, I just went back and he only fixed one issue and left the others. 
After the big storm pools of water in guest room, kitchen area and upstairs activity area - proof they are NOT at lockup stage and possibly damaging plaster sitting in floor. 

Sliding door looks like it's in an angle with bow in it
A nogging floating in air...
Here's my reminder lists (excluding plumbing reminders)