Monday, 23 March 2015

Slab fixes (sort of) & plaster done

Plasterers "fixed" slab issues apparently as per SS, so I went & looked for myself and they must have only just left as it was still wet. As long as it's structurally fine as they assured me and it's just cosmetic I have to accept these repairs that will be covered with render in weeks to come anyway. They put steel at angel under one section and then filled it to satisfy our Inspector they said they normally wouldn't do this. 

The plasterers were meant to start on Friday. We had a sneak peak on Sunday morning and the entire house is done! Apparently they worked until 9pm Saturday night as per my neighbour; love my neighbourhood watch team. Time to deliver some thank you choc brownies again to them. 

Upstairs activity area
Upstairs master bedroom
Kitchen & dining room

I had to submit a building objection to council on Friday because our next door neighbours are developers dividing block next to us. Never done one before and feel bad but don't like the idea they are planting a tree agsinst our backyard fence that could grow to 12m high in their building plans. Hopefully they will move it to other side of their yard. Also they are building 2 town houses and building on boundary line in several areas with an underground car park which means a massive 3.4m deep crater will be dug 1.2m away from our new house. I'm nervous they are going to damage our slab when they dig the piers & excavate their site in the next few months. Will see what council have to say. 

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