Sunday, 15 March 2015

Still pre plaster & front door issue

Saw carpenter putting in front door lock today. The door handle seems a bit low but the lock is so high I have to stand on tippy toes to insert key - What Was He Thinking?????? I know I'm short but it's at the almost 2m height...
I said he will have to change it but he said he will leave it for now as he'd just finished. Seriously are they from another planet. 

Roof on alfresco now on but not yet finished at edges. 
Insulation finished in most areas. 
Couldn't see wet areas inside but can still see light in roof where I shouldn't. 
Some frame issues fixed and some told not to worry about as non structural. 
Toilet air vent pipes not installed yet. 
Sliding door frame pockets not nailed and when I told carpenter today he didn't even know about it despite me telling SS several times. 
Slab issues remain
Windows still not finished or replaced

I feel less angry but still annoyed with the lack of thought they have, no practical thoughts at all. 

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