Monday, 20 July 2015

Random Post handover things

Random things. 

Big gap in plaster never noticed and needs repair. 
Delivery guy gets the brown carpet service!
Kids enjoy watching driveway get laid. 

Deck covering up the gap in slab between dining room and alfresco. Huge deck!
Ducks visit the pool and kids spray painted dinosaurs keep watch. 
Everyone helping build front porch. 
A work in progress after storm water drains all fixed. 
Main water meter & pipe now not in driveway. 
Discovered window repair very bad, awaiting a replacement. 
Cheap metal flange on shower, should NOT be there let alone be so sharp and sticking out like that. Must be removed. 
Fireplace was a great addition to living area. 
The back door bottom sill bow was NOT correct despite been told by SS it was. Unfortunately it now is too hard to correct so has to stay as is. 
Top step of stairs not recessed as I was told by installer it has to be. Will request this corrected in 3 month report. 
Sharp edges in kids bathroom. 
Missing grout on kitchen window area

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