Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Final Argus & Clipsec (Electrical, entertainment & Data) drawings

This is husbands domain and I chose to not pay attention here. 
Although I did correct a few errors last minute like:
- Power points at each end of Island, not 2 at one end
- 3 way switch was accidentally left as 2 way
- smoke alarms to be on own circuit & upstairs we changed 1 of the 3 alarms so we have mix of ionisation and photoelectric smoke alarms. Ie both smoke, flames and smouldering will now be picked up. 
- pre wired intercom monitor locations corrected
- data points all confirmed
- oh a big one- when final post contract variations all done old BC never sent a argus quote, only Clipsec. Well I asked to confirm it was still what we signed on contract day and NO it was $7k higher!!! A quick check confirmed that when asking how much Honeywell security system was they assumed we wanted it despite saying no way it's too expensive. So tip - double check all your paperwork even if they don't show you it all. 
- Yes we added LOTS compared to standard PD home but still didn't get solar electricity; perhaps in years to come we will add some next to the solar hot water panels and solar pool panels if we have room!

Final drawings for cabinets by kitchen culture design team

So this week PD seem to be getting their paperwork organised. Kitchen Culture department do all the cabinets for kitchen laundry and all bathrooms. At first glance they looked fine but closer look showed a few issues:
- the range hood has moved position and so has stove & oven. I like the new position as it gives a bigger draw set next to sink but now not centred in kitchen. I'm fine with this. 
- the biggest issue was the overhead cupboards were all different widths. It was done to match below but looked ridiculous. Our island bench is there and no one will notice if upper don't align with lower cupboards but will notice if 5 cupboards all vary in size. 
Check out pics. 

Corrected kitchen drawings are:

- love the island setup

- in the walk in pantry they have made void areas. I'm not paying for wasted space; every bit if space must be usable in my opinion so they are opening void areas. See before and after pics

- main bathroom and master ensuite both have mirrored shaving cabinets instead of plain mirrors, the profile pics didn't note the deep recess we are paying for. So this was corrected. 

- Other pics for powder room and guest ensuite

- Laundry looking good. Washer & dryer under full length stone bench just like I needed. Will install hanging rod under cupboard to hand shirts after ironing them (if I iron them). 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Woo hoo council approved setback & garage

So happy council just approved 8m setback instead of 9m and the garage flush against fence line. Now we have extra 1m grass area for kids in backyard, woo hoo. 
Last week our builder coordinator quit and so we waited anxiously to see who would replace him. The new BC seems lovely and I think as she's a young mum we have an instant easy rapport with each other; she's already showed she's great at multitasking, efficient and follows through on her word & it's only been a day with her. Good job PD. 
November start date I'm still unsure about because PD still got lots of admin to do, tick tick getting close. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Reestablishment survey & pool dig

Ok I lost it the other day, the poor pool builder had to listen to me being pissed off. The pool was to be dug Wednesdsy last week so on tue at 4.35pm they call to ask if I have had boundaries marked, datum levels & PD pegged/marked out the building. Are you serious? The night before you plan to dig you request this which could have been asked for months before or at least weeks before to get them organised. I had no idea what they were so suddenly I'm calling PD BC who is impossible to get onto and trying to get magic done in 25mins before 5pm, grrrrrrrr. 
Why can't they did our house is 11m from back boundary fence so not near pool? A quick lesson from pool BC. They need to check datum levels which essentially means if your house sits high or low on ground you want pool to match it or risk having steps up to pool or have pool so much lower all rain run off goes into pool. Lucky we have flat block but still I understand it now. Also if house close to pool you want them aligned so pool not on angle to house a problem if you are paving or decking areas. We have at least 5m of grass between house and pool so not such an issue. 

Two days later my BC has requested reestablishment survey for new levels, boundary markings etc. we wait for "early next week" so that means Mon/tue.  The pool dig re planned for Wednesday. Today. 
I quickly visited site today and hooray they have marked boundaries but no pool diggers. So a few calls later I have PD chasing datum level survey report & soil/slab report. Pool builders happy to almost start but need levels still. 

Had no idea I'd be so excited over some marks!

Looks like neighbours fence crosses boundary...