Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Final drawings for cabinets by kitchen culture design team

So this week PD seem to be getting their paperwork organised. Kitchen Culture department do all the cabinets for kitchen laundry and all bathrooms. At first glance they looked fine but closer look showed a few issues:
- the range hood has moved position and so has stove & oven. I like the new position as it gives a bigger draw set next to sink but now not centred in kitchen. I'm fine with this. 
- the biggest issue was the overhead cupboards were all different widths. It was done to match below but looked ridiculous. Our island bench is there and no one will notice if upper don't align with lower cupboards but will notice if 5 cupboards all vary in size. 
Check out pics. 

Corrected kitchen drawings are:

- love the island setup

- in the walk in pantry they have made void areas. I'm not paying for wasted space; every bit if space must be usable in my opinion so they are opening void areas. See before and after pics

- main bathroom and master ensuite both have mirrored shaving cabinets instead of plain mirrors, the profile pics didn't note the deep recess we are paying for. So this was corrected. 

- Other pics for powder room and guest ensuite

- Laundry looking good. Washer & dryer under full length stone bench just like I needed. Will install hanging rod under cupboard to hand shirts after ironing them (if I iron them). 

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