Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Final Argus & Clipsec (Electrical, entertainment & Data) drawings

This is husbands domain and I chose to not pay attention here. 
Although I did correct a few errors last minute like:
- Power points at each end of Island, not 2 at one end
- 3 way switch was accidentally left as 2 way
- smoke alarms to be on own circuit & upstairs we changed 1 of the 3 alarms so we have mix of ionisation and photoelectric smoke alarms. Ie both smoke, flames and smouldering will now be picked up. 
- pre wired intercom monitor locations corrected
- data points all confirmed
- oh a big one- when final post contract variations all done old BC never sent a argus quote, only Clipsec. Well I asked to confirm it was still what we signed on contract day and NO it was $7k higher!!! A quick check confirmed that when asking how much Honeywell security system was they assumed we wanted it despite saying no way it's too expensive. So tip - double check all your paperwork even if they don't show you it all. 
- Yes we added LOTS compared to standard PD home but still didn't get solar electricity; perhaps in years to come we will add some next to the solar hot water panels and solar pool panels if we have room!

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