Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Final construction drawings - errors

An email asking when we sign off on final drawings as November was approaching got the ball rolling and bang I have the final drawings. The first set had multiple errors on it and lucky i was able to spot them all. Type of errors noted were:

p. 2 - Note re lattice screening to be full responsibility of owner "after" handover; this is not consistent with all other documents that state it must be complete "before" handover in order to get occupancy certificate.

p.5 - OVEN incorrect location; kitchen culture drawings are correct

p.7 - Note for front door incorrect; front door is PSLM201 translucent DG glass to sidelight (not PMAD104).
p.7 - the evaporative cooling unit is hovering in diagram, probably better to have it attached to roof!
p.7 - Vent for rangehood location not correct if you measure exact location of rangehood base on kitchen culture FINAL drawings.

p.11 - Section X-X must have 20degree roof pitch not 25degree pitch
p.12 - A construction drawing has been removed here for some reason. 'HEBEL' PANEL 470X470 PIERS scale 1:20
p.12 - Also a construction note has been removed
"-Top hat supports at 600CTS to manufacturers requirements"
"-Adjust nogging size to make assembly fit"
p.13 - for clarity drawing on right should be titled "GUEST" BEDROOM PROJECTION DETAIL - DETAIL 'A', not "Master".

p.14 - We have finalised all Kitchen Culture drawings and they are perfect as per designed in our Sales Meeting. The plans never reflected the exact Kitchen Culture drawings but we were always told to not worry as on our final plans they will be fixed once cabinetry confirmed. This is where I got worried when reviewing drawings today.  The rangehood and oven are incorrectly located. Our rangehood will not be centered against the window in final construction and this is due to bench requirements with oven not literally next to sink, there is to be a small bench between oven & sink. Here are correct measurements:
KITCHEN - A  drawing (sheet 14):
- along bottom are 5440 not 5430; this is reflected in p.5 also states 5540.
- along top are 1100 (correct), 2855 (not 2383), 950 (not 910), 1635 (not 2137), the top measurement is 2110 CL (not 2592CL).
This does mean the fidly drawings need to be altered, by doing this now come installation of cabinetry it will all fit and we wont suddenly have errors and lots of stress which no Site Supervisors wants.
p.15 - Missing half wall tiling to PDR - A & PDR D
p.15 - Missing Full wall tiling to BATH - A & B &C & D
p.15 - BATH - D drawing the mirror is a shaving cabinet the same as ENS - D on page16. The shaving cabinet is meant to be deep recessed BATH - A drawing, the same as ENS - C on page16.
p.15 - No birdseye view of WC toilet set up.
p.15 - WC - D missing location of towel ring next to mini basin
p.16 - ENS - D missing full wall tiling
p.16 - missing drawing of Ensuite toilet (Master bedroom), this toilet will have full wall tiles and also a toilet roll holder.
p.17 &18 - shower bases are tiled too.
Engineering drawings - does the slab to accommodate a concrete pad for hot water system or is this done post slab?

- part of front facade tiled as per national tiles contract, should this be mentioned on page 7 & page 8

- final slab/site costs now
- insulation variation form
- confirmation of new rangehood as Meile promotion rangehood no longer available
- confirmation of site start...
- pool should be finished soon.

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