Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pool concrete shell complete

So happy I changed deep end to fence side. Concrete looks good and was poured on warm day and no rain for several days after so it well set. 
We can also see at 4.30pm this is the shade on the pool courtesy of neighbours massive tree. Unsure how long shade from tree will be there as house sold next door and they're building 2 townhouses we think so tree will probably be removed. 

This will be ledge for kids to play and sit on. Corner steps look small but hopefully they will be ok, have to trust pool guys that is what works. 

Kids decide mounds of dirt better play on than looking at than concrete shell. 

Exciting news is site start will be 28 November; I've called and pushed for earlier date so much but at least they're starting in November as contracted to do. Slab pour set for 11 dec. 
Front temporary fencing removed by demo team. Temporary fence around pool inanity now. Soil mounds gone. Bamboo forest starting in backyard thanks to neighbours bamboo - eek, time to get out the poison. 
We await slab costings still and insulation costing in post contract variation. Weird to start building before we even know site/slab final costings!

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