Sunday, 21 December 2014


Slab done. So glad we had our private inspector visit the site the night before the pour as he picked up lots of things that had to be corrected prior to concrete pour. All things were corrected and weather was good so now the site will settle for a few weeks and work should start again in a month, aka Xmas holidays. The slab looks good apart from the rain water tank platform a bit shitty, no water pooling except in alfresco area of slab just like it should for drainage. The height of slab shocked me a bit, I guess house stands higher than I thought but no dramas, will just add a bit of cost to landscaping as soil will need to be brought into the backyard now. 

Unsure what these drains/holes are for?

Water tank base a bit cracked and shitty looking 
Hope these cracks are normal?
Wow, it's up hill to drive which surprised me as we have flat land. 

Slab piers & plumbing started.

I remind myself we only settled on the land in July and here we are already watching the house be built. 
Slab process so far:
- scrape and levelling of the block, including cutting alfresco, porch and garage lower than floor of house. 
- lots of hollow metal poles in ground, the screw piers I think. I referenced them to engineering plans for slab and noticed a few not on there. A few calls to BC & SS, my answer eventually came from slab coordinator who returned from holiday and got the job of driving to our site to check them. Turns out more jobs done since I was there and he assures me they're all good. He actually said it was looking like a great flat site with good soil sand etc. 
- plumbing installed. Odd looking at location of down pipes, they look way too close to fence line. 
- now all the waffle slab stuff to get prepared before our concrete pour on thrs. I think they have a busy day planned Wednesday. 
- Got our private inspector booked to review slab Wednesday afternoon before concrete pour.