Monday, 20 July 2015

Random Post handover things

Random things. 

Big gap in plaster never noticed and needs repair. 
Delivery guy gets the brown carpet service!
Kids enjoy watching driveway get laid. 

Deck covering up the gap in slab between dining room and alfresco. Huge deck!
Ducks visit the pool and kids spray painted dinosaurs keep watch. 
Everyone helping build front porch. 
A work in progress after storm water drains all fixed. 
Main water meter & pipe now not in driveway. 
Discovered window repair very bad, awaiting a replacement. 
Cheap metal flange on shower, should NOT be there let alone be so sharp and sticking out like that. Must be removed. 
Fireplace was a great addition to living area. 
The back door bottom sill bow was NOT correct despite been told by SS it was. Unfortunately it now is too hard to correct so has to stay as is. 
Top step of stairs not recessed as I was told by installer it has to be. Will request this corrected in 3 month report. 
Sharp edges in kids bathroom. 
Missing grout on kitchen window area

Monday, 13 July 2015

Handover done & 1st week home.

What a week it has been, so much to tell. 
Firstly always expect handover to be delayed and dates to be moved. Try to have loose arrangements for trades and landscapers rather than inflexible ones as date changes happen and often no malice involved. We did have to push for handover in the end although the front door hadn't arrived and I felt my SS wanted to finish touch ups. 
Most of our independent inspectors report things appeared to be fixed. Other things were planned in following week. 

Most importantly the sewage blockage was found and also a section of crushed pipe also repaired. Thank goodness they found it prior to handover or my new driveway would have had to be ripped up. Tip- flush 3 or 4 toilets within a minute or two of each other and go outside to sewage low point vent and see if it's leaking. SS picked it up. 

Since handover day my list of issues is constantly added to but also rapidly removed. PD have been incredible with responding to issues. My SS has trades instantly on the phone calling me arranging time to repair things and I feel has gone the extra mile to help ensure our dream home is perfect. 

A few hurdles we've had have also got a few more trades fired and contracts ended. The big one was when my landscapers found while digging front yard up for fence that the storm water pipes were stuffed with plastic and over a foot short and no where near connected to storm water main point! Needless to say PD have now cancelled that drainers contract and I witnessed the quality of repair to over 15m worth of piping. Very happy this was discovered within days and also before this weeks record breaking rains. 

The plumbers responded also within a few hours to a gas leak on loose piping on hot water service. That was picked up by a plumber I had who was moving my water meter for me and he could smell gas. 

Missing things have been delivered and installed by several trades over the past week. The service has been great but it highlights the need of contractors to constantly double check orders measurements and details. 

Fireplace installer tried to tell me the control he gave me didn't have the timer or temperature function but you don't need it anyway. So a trip to jetmaster head office they tell me I must have dropped it and want to charge me for new one. I walked out happy with a new one for free as expected. People try to bluff their way out of responsibility all the time in this industry and especially as a girl they try to fool you. The repairs of some things were well covered up but I've found them and PD once made aware and I have photos too are sending their people back out to do a proper job. 

Bowed doors and windows look ok at a glance but the bow (which I was told was fixed) suddenly so obvious once more when our level deck next to it or the wind howls in through the gap in the window. 

Despite a list 1 1/2 pages long of things for my 3 month repairs report so far I think PD made a stunning house and am so impressed with the continued service from my SS and BC post handover. 

Post handover job list slowly been reduced. Driveway almost finished (Montrose exposed aggregate). Outside Edge Landscaping team are doing a brilliant job. In 5 days they've done our driveway. Front decking and back decking done and almost ready for staining. Im very happy less dirt is coming into the house now. Security, cabnetry, window tinting, blinds are done. Sharon's blinds have produced beautiful curtains and blinds for bedrooms. New fridge, couches, blinds, rugs and things to come once we've lived in the house awhile and budget not destroyed by any unforeseen costs. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Handover delays now over

I'm so pleased I gave us an extra 10days in our rental as handover was changed 5 times. The stress kept going up and down as I had to change trades and deliveries booked post handover. Gratefully only 3 times did I have to change Telstra, 40mins to change an appointment each time is ridiculous. Talking to one guy then another then another is frustrating; using Indian call centres maybe cheap but it's not efficient at all especially when I still get installer telling me I will be at your house in ten minutes on the wrong day each time. 
Landscapers really frustrated with constant changes to driveway excavation, pour and seal dates. They got to start marking out landscape this week. Pool company booking their team in for completion now too. 

Tomorrow is handover and many things have been fixed, other things have to be done afterwards. Plumbing happily now flows without blockage. One tradie tried to cover the broken pipe in driveway by ignoring it and continuing on when he knowingly crushed it with excavator during a conduit installation. There was also a partial brick in plumbing too. 

Other things to write but sleep beckons me. 
I installed the screening ready for occupancy certificate; loved getting the old power drills out to play with.