Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Frame inspection & Roof started

Frame inspection was done by our Private Inspector and I believe money well spent. Various things picked up and should be fixed this week prior to hebel going on next week. Site supervisor advises me our inspector found same issues as PD inspector with only a few extra things to add to fix it list. A repeat inspection will be done on Tuesday to check all issues rectified. 
For me I want my recessed cabinets in bathrooms fixed and all structural things have to be fixed for stage to be passed. 

Water meter got run over by roof tiling truck and flooded the front yard again. Lucky for us our Neighbour called and told me so I could act on it and get SS to fix it. Our water bill came too and it's not as small as I had hoped it to be given we've had 3 major floods due to taps been broken by trucks!

I've requested our noggin locations and hope they are done soon for our wall mounted tv and ceiling fans. 

Our roof went on today it seems. And hebel next week if frame fixed first. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Framing stage complete & slab fix ups

Today we had the opportunity to go onsite with our site supervisor and look at the completed frame and were even allowed upstairs via a ladder (not kids). So excited that I didn't even take one photo! Oops. Must have been the fact we had 4 kids with us at 7am that made me forget! 

All walls stable and rooms all correctly laid out. Doors all look like correct type, size, height, direction of slide, opening, and some frames already in situ (didn't take tape measure but seemed fine). Windows appear to be correctly centered and heights, size etc look ok. Window companies should deliver in next week or two, delayed because of Xmas holidays.  Roof cavity looks TINY and I totally understand why it's better to do all wiring with PD and not wait to do post handover. I noted the height of the sliding wardrobes in kids rooms were correctly increased to 2400 and not 2000 which is standard (no point in having a large bulkhead as it's wasted space). 

The frame looks good in my lay opinion. Obvious areas needing touch up and finishing touches (abstract nailing, bracing, remaining window framing), all will be sorted out later today as rain stopped; they had to finish early previous day due to heavy heavy rain. 

A few things that will require fixing that I picked up were:
- they were using plans which were not the final plans we signed off on! However that said they were the 2nd final plans so almost perfect. 
- At this stage that meant the recessed bathroom cabinet mirrors were not addressed in framing for master ensuite and kids bathroom. Will check other things missed later tonight. 

Slab Supervisor also reviewed site with concreter today:
The overhang of steel frame in alfresco area will be fixed with and re enforced with a steel plate/screw or something like it & not just builders grout stuff. 
- friable edges will be fixed prior to Hebel installation next week. 
- rain water tank slab area which has snapped will be completely fixed and redone in a few months. Not doing it now so it won't get damaged again while exposed by trades/equipment/future scaffolding etc. 

The PD inspector also reviewed frame today after our visit so all his issues should be fixed before our independent private inspector comes on Monday to review framing stage. 

Overall we are really happy with how well they've done everything. All staff have been lovely to deal with and seem very happy to work with us and our questions. They have great phone manner and communication. Really considerate with neighbours and a temporary fencing issue crushing plants and reducing access to side path. They did say there are always a few things to fix with a slab and frame stages and I believe we are getting a very well built home as each thing is identified and fixed, no patch jobs or pacifying at all now all Trades have finished Xmas holidays. 

Next is roof tiling, and I believe while scaffolding up they put on solar hot water panels, evaporative cooling unit and guttering.  Once roof insitu i think hebel might be next. For those that are wondering what hebel is it replaces the need for bricks and has better sound, hear/cooling properties, cheaper and faster to build; read for yourself

Will get a better picture soon. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Framing Day 4 - ground floor

Only 4 days since framing started this is where we are at.
View from front door, stairway to paradise yet to come. 

View of back area - kitchen left, lounge fireplace right, back area are dining room left & alfresco right (yet to be framed). 

View if standing at oven area cooking, sort of see pool area to check no kids opening gate without me there.

Kitchen window view, ideas anyone?

View from back corner of garden.

Water tank slab waiting for concreters summer Xmas holidays to end next week. Two areas of frame overhang that I can see so far. All the rest looked good and still very much a work in progress. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Slab issues & framing started

Porter Davis have started work again now after Xmas NYE break. During this break we sent a letter to them regarding slab concerns. A few bits from letter are:

The two main issues are:

1.      Poorly finished and friable edges/ corners

2.      Integrity of the hot water pad

 There several slab edges and corners that are unacceptable.  They appear quite friable and out of square.  There appears either to have been a problem with the formwork and/or poor compaction.  Either way the workmanship is poor.  It appears that the formwork has been removed before the concrete has reached the required strength before removal (15MPa as per AS3600 Table 4.4).

In particular, I am concerned that later construction work may need to accommodate these defects, possibly leading to other issues or complications.  

The hot water pad appears to be defective. It is a major concern that it is in such bad shape so soon after placement.  In particular, the edges and corners are friable and it is not square to the main slab.  There does not seem to be any expansion or isolation joints between the pad and the slab and there  appear to be some structural defects. I doubt this can be repaired without issues later.  It is not clear how it could possibly be fit for the purpose, nor how it is expected to last a reasonable timeframe. 

Photos at bottom of post. 

Response so far was a pacifying phone call from a slab supervisor that neither dealt with our slab nor seen it in person. He assures me the concreter will rectify my concerns when he returns from holidays next week. Meanwhile the frame starts going up. I speak to frame supervisor onsite and ask him his opinion of slab edges and he gives me a realistic yet not reassuring opinion that it does need fixing before frame complete. The site supervisor calls me after I ask when concreter fixing slab and I want to know how it will be fixed not just when. He seems to think its no drama and frame can be wedged for now and next week concreter can fill in gaps if needed. Hmm, I called our independent inspector for help but he's away this week and returns next week and can review it then. 

So for now I'm pacified briefly there's nothing I can do but next week I will start jumping up & down for solutions not just patch jobs. 

In the mean time they've started our frame and in just 2 days they've done heaps and should be putting roof trusses on next Monday. Hebel planned for 3 weeks time. Amazing how fast this stage feels.