Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Handover delays now over

I'm so pleased I gave us an extra 10days in our rental as handover was changed 5 times. The stress kept going up and down as I had to change trades and deliveries booked post handover. Gratefully only 3 times did I have to change Telstra, 40mins to change an appointment each time is ridiculous. Talking to one guy then another then another is frustrating; using Indian call centres maybe cheap but it's not efficient at all especially when I still get installer telling me I will be at your house in ten minutes on the wrong day each time. 
Landscapers really frustrated with constant changes to driveway excavation, pour and seal dates. They got to start marking out landscape this week. Pool company booking their team in for completion now too. 

Tomorrow is handover and many things have been fixed, other things have to be done afterwards. Plumbing happily now flows without blockage. One tradie tried to cover the broken pipe in driveway by ignoring it and continuing on when he knowingly crushed it with excavator during a conduit installation. There was also a partial brick in plumbing too. 

Other things to write but sleep beckons me. 
I installed the screening ready for occupancy certificate; loved getting the old power drills out to play with. 

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