Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Final week. Handover close.

Quick positive feedback re our SS who has had a tough run few a few months dealing with almost 20 houses. Despite this we had our PCI and almost all the things are being currently fixed. He's been fantastic at negotiating a win win situation on numerous occasions when PD standard build didn't meet my expectations. 
Cheap flanges around tap/shower outlets and tile repairs where they met the standard but not what I thought was a good quality. Knowing your contract is vital. Make sure you check it when inspecting house at various stages. The notes section in World of style colour report often gets ignored and all that's on it. So far PD contract trades have returned multiple times to fix things at my SS request. Check wiring is as expected, also check you can actually use the piping in laundry for washing machine. Flooring guys left me excess floor boards for under stairs storeroom which I couldnt get added at contract stage. Carpet team left all leftover carpet which will be great to have as temporary covering during moving. 
Keep up the great work PD. Hoping for near perfection for handover next week!

Lots of last minute calls and visits. 
Correct fireplace installed and looks great with hearth installed too. Didn't do that through PD as they were going to more than double the price so I called the stonemason who does them and works with jet master. He knew the Installer and had it installed at the same time for me. Lucky me. 
Electricians cant put smoke alarms on separate circuit so in discussion with electrical company we've installed them on to circuit A which won't be effected by our Shabbat timer. 4 light circuits all good. Glad they've all been so nice to work with and willing to help. 
Plumbers helped to make laundry workable from day 1 and I don't have to do anything after handover. They happily changed all things that's were wrong type of tap and plugs. 
Tiles got replaced where I thought they were badly done but within tolerance on kids bath edge, really sharp just where they were getting in and out. 
2 window corners were slightly our of shape and didn't seal properly when closed in my opinion and they are getting repaired at my request. SS didn't initially see it but he took a close look and agreed. 
Big white horrid Flanges around a wall wastepoint was because they over cut tile. It was added by SS but I hated it and said it wasn't acceptable and Reece shop staff agreed with me so he got tiles replaced and removed flange. Yet to see if other flanges removed in bathrooms on bath taps. Ugly and non standard in my opinion. 
Balustrade covers to be replaced due to dints. 
Door handles swapped to correct doors. 
Missing things to be done and lots of touch ups. 
So grateful our SS has been fantastic and he deserves a good pat on the back at the end of this build. 

Landscapers booked in and driveway starts next week. Telstra booked. Lots of deliveries now booked. Removalists booked. Happy roller coaster of stress coming to an end soon. 

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