Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Almost there.

Oops this didn't post the other week.  Plasterer been and fixed things up. Some of the upstairs carpet lifted up and leveled, unsure why? 
Wardrobe doors in and correct types, love them better than other ones. 
Silicone seals all done, mostly. 
Down pipes all fixed, mostly. 
Front door still rattling in wind. 
Windows have been removed from 2 north facing bedrooms due to roof issue and now nothing there. I'm praying no rain or major wind this weekend as don't fancy damage to new carpet and paint work. 
PCI date delayed. Lots still to fix. Maybe handover 3 weeks. 
Organising landscaping. Picked monarco driveway colour. Merbau decking front and back. Limestone pool paving. Changed pool tile colour, I think. 
Telstra cabling to be booked. Gas and electricity yet to do. 
Quotes for removalists, and various other things. Head spinning. So much to do and move date to be during school holidays, not helpful. 

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