Friday, 19 June 2015

PCI preparation & check list

Final weeks are here and I've been keeping a tight eye on the house. A few quick visits keep me on top of the issues that are being dealt with and solutions.
Lucky I bumped into the Termaguard guy one day and notice he was installing an access point under where our deck will be, he moved that for me.
The cupboard guy was there one day and I pointed out lots of issues that needed a quick correction. This took him less than 5mins to do and saved us all lots of hassle if noticed later and then report to SS then to company then to this guy who had to come back. He also did me a favour and drilled a hole in one panel for a cord that will be put through a rear of a cupboard.
Picking up things like wrong shower screens installed saved us lots of time instead of seeing it at the PCI.

Here's my rough list for when I go though the house with our private inspector for pre completion inspection (PCI).

PCI – Pre Completion Inspection
(Take phone charge, pen, stickers, paper, mirror to look above doors)
Take dots to mark areas needing attention
Electrical wiring check PowerPoints work with charger, lights are 2 way or 3 way and work, all switches are actually present, all tight, all slimline
Lights – check lined up and if central are central
Paint – check 3 coats & above door frames painted
Door locks work easily and door jams aligned well so no drafts or lock hard to close.
Door privacy locks on sliders, clean tracks for easy opening.
Door seals at top and bottom, weather seal entry door.
Countertops – look for scratches, wipe it down and check at eye level for chips and scratches
Windows, open full distance and close evenly, same keys,
Bowed upper window frames (an issues with blind installation gaps)
Check all hardware installed – towel rings, toilet roll holders, towel rails, fans
Obtain all warranties, instruction manuals, serial numbers for all products installed
Kitchen shelves are adjustable & all present & push things work. External venting of rangehood.
Check heating in 2 zones
Check evap cooling works
Toilet/shower vents go externally
Plumbing – flush each toilet at least 3-4 times to check for blockages
Tiling – check for broken insufficient/too much grout.
Check for Gas leak
Check balustrades secure and no blemishes
Footpath and crossover repair
Seal tiles and grout.

Things yet to be finished/fixed
·         Kitchen tap window side should be a Teknobili Oz T7 300 & not 137 (as per island bench)
·         As per WOS notes all baths and sinks are meant to have push/pull plugs (Mizu 32/40 Overflow Push Plug) and not plastic plugs (also noted in PCV 1-1390)
·         Pipe moved out of manhole opening (manhole opening closed & light off)
·         Drain covers in shower
·         Silicone seals all done in all sinks, showers, basins, baths etc
·         Kitchen sink drip trays – 2 as per p.20 of colours document.
·         Master ensuite single panel of glass not showerscreen
·         Location of all towel rail 1 single Bathroom, 1 double towel rail bathroom, 4 toilet roll holders, towel rings 5 guest, powder, WC, master, bathroom), robe hook master & guest ensuites
·         Slimline points to kitchen bench NOT fat ones.
·         Confirm smoke detectors on own circuit
·         Damaged powerpoint left of fireplace
·         Guestroom dimmer switch installed yet?
·         Guestroom bathroom switches in bathroom or outside bathroom.
·         Check lights under kitchen cupboards ALL work (only 2/4 work)
·         Flood light on external dining room wall not working.
·         Lounge one light not working
·         What does SS point on electrical plan in linen cupboard upstairs mean.
·         Study socket not moved
·         Check heating and evap cooling working
·         Understairs meant to be a data patch switch & router as per network 8 pack with argus home network section.
·         Kids bath tile edge elevated and sharp
·         Check grouting
·         Lounge entry out of square
·         Render on alfresco wall weird flat marks
·         Stairs stained.
·         Wood not stained or painted on garage north door.
·         Spare paint tins for wallaby colour, calcium colour, render colour.
·         Front door shake, noise, weather seal, correct hinges
·         Check garage door adjusted
·         Back door to alfresco very hard to lock.
·         Back door to alfresco sag at the bottom 10mm  top 6mm, Check if sag gone.
·         Kitchen top right cupboard opens without hitting bulkhead
·         Privacy Locks 6 (Bathroom, guest bedroom, guest toilet, master bedroom, master ensuite toilet, WC)
·         Check deadbolt in laundry door Lockwood symmetry 7107 double cylinder Deadbolt (p.20 of WOS). Front door charged twice for Deadbolt paradigm 005 TR, 2nd should be on laundry door.
·         Laundry door stuck and draft.
·         Check openings and even
·         Mirror in guest room.
·         Flyscreens installed on all windows.
·         Kitchen right cupboard opens without being stuck at top.
·         MISSING - WIP shelves, adjustable.
·         Can Tim drill a hole in laundry cupboard so our dryer cord and pipe can run through.
·         Check corners of slab
·         RHS of garage hebel overhang, was it filled in with render or concrete.
·         Removal of excess concrete on Michaels side (also did he get plants voucher he was promised)
·         Driveway crossover repair & council bond refund.
Confirm activation of gas on day of handover & electricity to be transferred into my name.

Termaguard, check dates to redo. 

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