Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Timber look Floor finished. Mini steps closer.

Sunday the TermGuard guy was on site finishing the TermGuard pipes and access points. Luckiy for us I mention the deck will be over one guard and he moved it on the spot or we would have had to make a hole in deck for it!

Has to be topped up at 1yr, 3yrs and repeating years after that. I wonder if that's included in build cost. 

Laminate floor is finished, looks great through the windows. 

Driveway colour choice now causing me dramas, seriously never knew there were so many options let alone a need to pick, a driveway is a driveway. 

Bought outdoor lights for junction boxes outside, didn't get trapped into sales pitch for top marine grade steel light. 

Yet to confirm colours for blinds, tomorrow... 

Need ideas now for security cameras and alarms, anyone got recommendations? 

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