Thursday, 28 May 2015

End of May & lots done

Electrical done, well most if it. A few lights yet to go in, some don't work, a few points damaged, a noted one bathroom had a 4 switch installed but only meant to be a 3 switch (no point having a blanket switch when they could follow plans and out a 3 in). Smoke detectors in but unsure what type as we have 3 smoke ones and one photoelectric one, also meant to be on their own electrical circuit. Dimmer switch and lights missing from guest room.  Point not centered in rooms, heights need adjusting. One light switch on wrong side of wall in wrong room!

Stone bench tops all in and look great.
Massive island has a join and they located it perfectly away from sink area and it's hard to even find it is so subtle. 

Mirrors, all but one installed. 

Wardrobe fitouts done in all rooms but ours we will do ours after handover so they just put in this which I wish we had said don't install. Await now doors to arrive. 

Tiling mostly done, minus all the broken bits missing grout and seals. Facade tiling was a challenge for them but they got there eventually. 

Plumbers have been in and out moving pipes and installing most things. Kids bath is wrong size but I can see we aren't going to get what we wanted 1700 and have to settle for 1500 due to space issue. They've missed all our push plugs and have ugly plastic plugs in bath. Wrong kitchen tap installed. Sinks look good but hope they come with cover like we paid for. Shower hoses are correct heights. Love our mixers and taps for bath as goose neck heads move out of way. 

Carpet on stairs yet to come as need staining first. Carpet is so nice to walk on, it was worth getting the thick underlay and the thick plush carpet. Just bought a vacuum today too, cordless and has DustBuster thing for stairs. Kids can easily use it so help clean the house. My 21 mth old successfully tried it!

Floor boards start tomorrow and tonight we could see they had leveled the slab in areas needed. 

Got access to measure curtains this week. Totally overwhelmed about choosing blinds curtain materials. Brilliant company found to make blinds way out near dandenong. 
Landscaping quotes also doing my head in, some prices are extreme going over the $100k mark. Waaaaay over our budget. Picking pool coping and paving hard but easy thinking about decking, garden and layout which i have thoroughly thought through. 
Enough for today. 

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