Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Busy week. Count down soon to start.

The waterproofer came yesterday finished upstairs toilet area. 
Tilers there from 6am today finishing laying it all. Grout to be done today or tomorrow. 
Internal chippy putting in handles today on all internal doors. Also covering the exposed beams I. Alfresco area which were going to be just left exposed or painted. So we are paying a bit of cash on side for them to cover beam with plaster and render them so they look completed. 
The heating ducts and evaporative cooling guys installing vents today too. 
Concrete repairs done and now await render outside to be completed. 
Wardrobe guys to come soon. 
Electrician starts tomorrow. 
Plumbers started next week. 
Essentially within a few weeks it will be all finished. Wow. 

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