Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Post Handover things to start thinking about - only 16 weeks away (maybe)

I've always thought the house will be finished around September which allows a 38 week build period then add 3-4 weeks for christmas/NYE break and a few days for weather and illness. Despite the past month nothing happening and delays in getting plaster started its still in on track to finish 2 months early. They are suggesting mid July we will have our keys, super happy with that (a little bit of me still is planning for at least August finish). So time to think about post handover tasks and things I need to buy, here's my list so far:

Post Handover Tasks & things to buy
Ø  Spare set of keys
Ø  Council
·         Crossover repair & widening (get deposit back from council)
·         Order 2nd recycling bin from council
·         Car permits for street

Ø  Organise connections/contracts for
·         Internet/cable & voip (new modem), must arrange connection from street to house(<$300)
·         Electricity
·         Gas
·         Water
·         Insurance

Ø  Window tinting in bathrooms upstairs
Ø  Window furnishings – blinds, curtains, shutters etc in bedrooms & tv room.

Ø  Pool Company
·         Complete/connect plumbing & electrical equipment
·         Tile
·         Lay copers (must supply for them) confirm quantity
·         Solar panel installation

Ø  Landscapers
·         Driveway – exposed aggregate (~$100/m)
·         Front entrance decking or paving
·         Front pathway & side pathways (west side pavers, east side pavers or concrete)
·         Front Fence, letterbox & manual gate
·         Clothesline install (I supply)
·         Garden beds, grass, DIY raised veg patches in front
·         Alfresco decking area
·         Outdoor shower plumbing under side path but install later
·         Pool glass fence & pavers & equipment storage box
·         Plants front/back/sides
·         Bin screen
·         Paint boundary fences (DIY myself)
·         Ensure boundary fencing unclimbable for safety near pool & check height >2m

Ø  Cat flap door
Ø  House sign/number

Ø   Electrical jobs
·         Alarm
·         Intercom
·         Install dining pendant lights (already purchase)
·         Install external lights
·         Shabbat timer
·         Alfresco fan/light

Plumber/Handman - sealing of the wet area tiles and garage floor.

Ø   Jetmaster – install hearth (black marble flat stone ) must buy at stone mason  

Ø  Things to purchase
·         Condenser dryer
·         10kg front loader washing machine
·         Cordless vacuum for stairs
·         TV & TV wall mount
·         Couches, coffee table, lamp & rug for family room (ebay, grays)
·         Dining chairs – Freedom
·         Barstools (5)
·         Dining side board table/cupboard - Dare
·         TV room – tv cabinet & storage unit for toys downstairs
·         IKEA
§  Study – Billy bookcases (5), wooden kitchen bench top to convert to desk top, cabinet draws & filing draws, lamp, desk chair
§  Master bedroom WIR – Wardrobe setup, mirror, lamps
§  Child 1 & 2 – Lego storage unit and table for slot cars
§  Child 3 - Bedside table, lamp & bookcase
§  Child 4 – Bedside table, lamp & Toy boxes for current bookshelf
§  Clothes hanging rod for under laundry top cupboards
§  Kitchen cutlery draw dividers
·         Hardware store
§  Garage shelving & bike hanging
§  Lawn mower
§  Letterbox, clothesline

Ø  Wish list
            Outdoor/alfresco couch, furniture & bean bags
·         BBQ
        Ø  Discounts/offers to think about
·         Use Qantas FF points - $100 harvey norman 14100 points, Mitre 10 $100 14600points, BBQ galore $100 15100 points
·         PD partners/discounts
§  Bowens card
§  Melbourne Brick – 10% off pavers, lawn etc
§  Plantmarks trade markets – trade prices for plants

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