Thursday, 19 March 2015

Front door & review of other issues.

Forget guidelines or regulations, just do whatever suits you on a Sunday morning. That is until reality and the real world catch up with you. Site supervisor also had a laugh at placement to door lock and handle and agrees with my markings on door where lock and handle should be moved to. I'm happy to hear they have to replace the whole door now as it can't be patched up. Oops on their part. 
Sliding Door frames now all nailed correctly to abutting wall. 
Wall bracing not needed in bed 3 now, not sure why. 
Insulation finished being installed and told plasters will put last bit of insulation in under cooling heating unit; not sure if I trust this comment. 

Still need to follow up on
- Roof repairs where leak/light coming in
- roof finish edges on dining and alfresco
- hebel finish gaps in alfresco area
- air gap to be covered in sliding door in master ensuite
- missing noggin in dining room
- window/door corrections and replacements
- all toilet vent ducts should be in this afternoon

- Slab issues, meeting delayed until Tuesday (& it's now thrs & nothing)

Official Onsite inspection delayed until after plaster; apparently stairs and kitchen go in immediately after plaster. 
In a week or two house will look like real house inside. 

Hebel gap to be filled. 

Level issue of trusses, apparently now fixed. I think I have trust issues with my truss, didn't look fixed yesterday. 

Not how our slab should look, the frame should be level with slab but framer done a good job compensating for lack of slab. This is area which might need hebel frame fully repaired. 

I can fit half my forearm up this gap. Nice area for pests to live, this needs filling big time. 

Overall I'm happy with resolutions of issues so far, despite the stress roller coaster rides it's progressing well. Got a call from accounts department who were asking about lockup invoice; she agrees that for lockup to be complete one must have roof finished, and all windows and doors in, not just frames. So we happily wait before exchange of money happens and they reassured me this doesn't change or delay next stages at all. 

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