Sunday, 1 March 2015

Delays pre plaster

Our internal chippy has got some illness so he can't work at the moment so it's delayed our plaster now by 3 weeks so far as they still haven't fixed internal carpentry issues. Really getting annoyed now as delays continue despite SS pushing to have plaster start. He is meant to be my advocate in getting walls right before plaster hides all the errors but it feels like I am reminding him what needs doing. 
Anyway most of hebel finished and render almost finished. Scaffolding was meant to come down Friday but still there & should be down tue. 
We got lockup invoice but they haven't put dining room roof on and windows aren't complete so reminded them that I won't be paying until they are actually at lockup stage. SS apologized for forgetting that and all agree not at lockup yet. 
Bumped into concreter fixing some concrete stuff onsite, I just went back and he only fixed one issue and left the others. 
After the big storm pools of water in guest room, kitchen area and upstairs activity area - proof they are NOT at lockup stage and possibly damaging plaster sitting in floor. 

Sliding door looks like it's in an angle with bow in it
A nogging floating in air...
Here's my reminder lists (excluding plumbing reminders) 

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