Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cabinets, doors, robes and stairs.

All doors and stairs in place now. Cabinetry installed in most areas but far from complete.
Why oh why is perfection not expected by tradies? Walls not squared to 90degrees, doors can't open properly due to plaster out and kitchen cupboards not right. One cupboard can't even open because they've designed the hinge against a wall, unsure how they can solve that one as they haven't followed their designs. Also the colours aren't correct in one section of tower with upper colour being in lower area (i might let this pass if no one else notices). The cupboards on bar stool side of bench look really random and hoping once protective covers removed they are the same colour as each other. 
Bedroom robes have wrong mirrored doors & they completely forgot about our wardrobe fitouts that were not even ordered. Lucky I had the hard copy of invoice for that to prove we did ask for fully mirrored doors, not window frame mirror doors and we did have draws and shelves in cupboards.
Everything looks so much smaller now the plaster is installed and doors in, Im so used to looking through the frame it comes as a shock to see the rooms walled.
Hoping for a good week ahead, painters are meant to start on Thursday.
Waterproofing in bathrooms still not completed and front door still yet to be replaced.
Garage door installed but looks like it can't close fully, I hope this is a temporary issue and not permanent.

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