Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Painting in progress & current issues incl slab

Current issues on our minds:
Slab, slab and slab. The same issues remain, with poor repairs and patch jobs done. All goes back to these images. Oh and the repairs they have done are crumbling already and incomplete. AND we have now exposed steel frame/wire from the slab on one wall that looks rusted already. They have done a grout filler on sections where overhang was but in some areas that is crumbling away too. The rain water tank slab ok but not great workmanship.


- Down pipe above garage (outside bedroom2) & one on west side of house are flapping back and forth with the wind constantly; looks like their bracing brackets have detached from the wall and swinging.
- The WIP cabinetry issue. The corner cupboard can't be opened or used because the mini wall containing the plumbing stack has been made too big. The cascading problem is now we can't use that corner cupboard because the wall is 470mm and too long. Taking measurements from the cupboard side of this wall (containing plumbing stack) it should measure 320 but instead onsite it measures 470.  The pipe sits out of the way up until 2000mm then angles at 45 deg pitch towards the right and then up into the ceiling. Plumbers were onsite today fixing this, hopefully the wall will be reduced soon too. 

- Full area waterproofing to all wet areas both levels still not done as per contract (to be done post painting)
- The wall corner entering the lounge is clearly not at 90 degrees on the skirting

- Garage roller door does not close fully to a vertical angle.

- The right side plumbing waste pipe in the guest ensuite was not moved to the right as it was meant to be. Now the cabinets have been installed the pipe now under draws. It still needs to be moved 300-400mm to the right. Plumbers didn't fix this today despite being onsite!

- Cabinetry fine tuning & fixing open/close of a few doors I'm sure this gets reviewed pre handover so wont mention. I know every door and mechanism that doesn't work already and so glad I could review this at my own pace pre front door being replaced and hence now locked. Master Ensuite shelves are not level as they've drilled holes wrong, looks very odd (just like the front door lock). 

- New front door now installed at last and hurray for chippy who put lock and handle in correct location this time.
- Awaiting wardrobe fit outs & new correct robe doors to arrive- Alfresco sliding door frame is bowed
- Excessive concrete removal on neighbours garden.

Painters are in and I think busy doing what they do. I hope they do the 3 layered paint as required, no way to check if they are actually doing this. We have chosen white all over the house as mark up costs to custom do feature walls too much, might to post handover. Haha yeah right, temporary is permanent in our house!

Felt pushed aside by SS lately and know he is really working hard as 3 other supervisors have resigned and he has been looking after over 20 buildings concurrently for a period of time (hopefully no more). Excessive workload is unacceptable and reflects badly on Porter Davis. Luckily they have new guys all starting and hopefully our SS not so strung out and can supervise our job more. I have locked in an site inspection with SS next week and bringing backup so I stop getting wishy washy answers and fixes (husband is better at being direct).

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