Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Pre paint visit.

Painters start tomorrow so can't visit for a week. 

Front facade yet to be tiled and rendered, so curious how this will look as Ive forgotten what the tile looks like.
Garage door closed, I don't think this is acceptable, what do you think?
Bathroom cabinets in
Laundry in
Figured out cupboard won't open because wall is too big not because cabinetry wrong. Wall with a plumbing pipe in it is 15cm too long into room!! 
Seriously who thinks this is level, my kids could drill a few holes more level than this. 
Water tank in. Hmm how are they going to render that section of hebel now that is installed? The "fixed" section of slab looks unpleasant and the patch work grout they have put all along the wall under hebel because of overhang pre render is flaking off where rain landing on it from down pipe above. Not good.
Looking forward to fireplace as our rental house is freezing. 

Happy days. Let's see if they fix all the issues I noted in email to them today. Painter starts tomorrow after preparing walls doors etc today. 

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