Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Getting ready for hebel

Hebel preparation started. Will start one day next week. Apparently if slab ledge not square or adequate they don't worry at all as hebel is screwed to frame and not 100% dependent on slab like bricks. They just add extra brackets; I don't truly understand but it was the Hebel guy who said all this. 
Our slab hasn't been fixed yet but supervisor waiting for steel bracing order to fix overhang of steel beam in alfresco area. He said PD engineers happy to putty it but to satisfy our independent inspector he will steel brace it. I'm very happy we have private inspector to keep them to a high standard. 
I've read many blogs and keep up to date with online chat groups on homeone forum. A great one is this one and I've just read a fantastic blog entry of his and recommend anyone to read it. 

Plumbing in already. 
Hebel next week will go up over a few days. 
Electrician will start too. 
Unsure when insulation starts but the lockup carpenter has to make all modifications to frame still required. Building coordinator still doesn't have report from 2nd inspection for frame. But I know the frame for our recessed shaving cabinets haven't been done, nor have the noggins we requested been done. Hopefully I am allowed onsite this week to see updated frame. 

Also looking into waterproofing wet areas as just discovered they only waterproof shower bath and sink area, not floors in those areas. Unsure if this is normal or required?

Also our water meter fixed again but our original tap point is covered now by dirt rock hard, under if SS aware, another thing to point out next week. 

Solar hot water pipes insitu. 

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