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Tender Meeting - List of questions and things to remember

I collated this list via much reading on Home One forum and from friends. Some things are repeated and simply not possible with PD but at least this list might help someone else thinking of building.

Site works and administration:
·         Want Copy of site survey & soil test. Check elevations.
·         Make sure contract reflects that the start date is the date that work commences onsite.
·         Check that contract only allows for rainy days being claimed before roofing is installed and only if there has been more than 5mm of rain.
·         Independent Inspector & PD response to correct issues found
·         Confirm setback from street 9m or can we apply for less? Current carport 4m, house 9m.
·         When will application be submitted to Glen Eira Council?
·         Start date issue
·         Correct orientation of house, garage on correct side.
·         Upgrade carpet underlay, blue
·         Check location of windows is exactly where you want on final plan before signing off.
·         Check all windows are the same (awning) and from the same manufacturer so you don’t have two sets of keys
·         Check window position, are they in the center of the rooms
·         Think about location of water tanks,
·         Ensure insulation is installed correctly......... between floors. Sound battens 
·         Check extended eaves
·         Check double glazing for windows
·         Check location of manhole, in relation to ducted heating if it is too close to all the big ducts then you can’t access any other part of the roof space
·         "Whirly Bird" or other roof ventilator(s) .
·         Be aware of the INTERNAL dimensions of your garage.
·         Insist on a three-coat paint job (1 * sealer, 2 * top coats) / Use a premium paint product for a longer-lasting finish WASH & WEAR
·         Install extra noggings / studs / trimmers for mounting heavy pictures, TV's, projectors, screens, curtain tracks/blinds/school bags / jackets / dog leads in laundry / hall / cupboards understairs/ hang on walls, pictures, televisions, speakers, coat hooks, clothes dryer, toilet paper, towel rails, in hall cloak room, future shelves need noggins/ ceiling fan electrical provision and nogging in bedrooms and outdoor entertaining area (alfresco / gazebo) 
·         Check position of power meterbox & which side
·         Check position of hot water, evaporative cooling, water tank, pool equipment, Will you be able move wheelbarrow past this section of house.
·         translucent (no see through) glass on the front door side panel.
·         Acoustic batt insulation - dense/heavier, between floors, all walls.
·         Termite Barriers are they included?
·         Retro Façade & FULL hebel to house (clarify if any areas not hebeled)
·         Façade tiling was quoted at $150/m is this correct. MAXFL1740 tile to pillar and render area on façade (?20sqm)
·         Check rail for flyscreen doors added to backdoors (A&L range)
·         Check theatre sliding door type. Cavity sliding door.
·         Door heights increase with higher ceilings and noted on contract (upstairs too)
·         Locks are keyed-alike so you don’t end up with multiple keys to lock up doors/windows.
·         Are door stops included and installed?
·         secure internal door from garage into house instead of light non lockable standard door
·         Rebating external sliding doors so that the door sill is flush with the concrete slab
·         Electrical/Lighting
·         Zoned lighting, controls for Shabbat, load spreading.
·         3 phase power pit organised
·         Install electrical conduit to provide 12 volt electricity for garden lighting
·         Install household surge protector at meter
·         Circuit for pool equipment
·         Digital TV Aerial
·         Front door, confirm window next to it on one or both sides of door.
·         Bulkheads for kitchen cabinet doors and wardrobes in bedroom
·         Rain water tanks - plumbing for washing machine / laundry / toilets (auto flickover to Water supply), garden
·         Move laundry taps so easily accessible
·         Check downpipe locations
·         Waste points in floor in laundry, bathrooms. Check locations.
·         Check the location of your HWS, outdoor taps, Hot/cold shower outdoor, pool
·         HWS is seated on a concrete footing (or slab) rather than on top of the ground
·         Consider pre-laying the toilet vent PVC pipe in the wall cavity so is not visible other than outlet through roof
·         Make sure taps are placed at correct spots on drawings
·         Check location of downpipes
·         See my laundry layout designs re location of WM & Dryer. Extended bench, overhead cupboards,  
·         Location of outdoor taps
·         Check that venting from exhaust fans toilets and bathrooms & kitchen rangehood goes outside, not to roofs space.
Heating / Cooling:
·         Check the location of ceiling vents for heating and cooling in bedrooms so they aren’t directly above beds
·         Zoned heating & evap cooling
·         heating duct to laundry and ensuite upstairs
·         ability to set timers
·         Check size of fridge area (Need greater than H178, W 91.5, D78)
·         Install fridge water tap inside kitchen cupboards next to it (check not a draw)
·         Rangehood encased in cupboards, streamlined look.
·         Rangehood vented outside
·         Check cupboard and bench top heights
·         Size of pot draws
·         Get adjustable shelves in kitchen cupboards for different sized items with additional holes for adjusting heights.
·         Depth of shelves in WIP & overhead shelves minimum 30cm deep.
·         Cupboards on island bench (bar stool side), also what is depth of gap under bench that side
·         Mitered edges, waterfall benches in kitchen
·         Kitchen island benchtop, check where joins will be placed. What max. cut? Confirm size.
·         Splashback join locations, whats max. length of cut?
·         Size of window in kitchen, largest possible in that splashback space. Centered.
·         Soft close handless draws
·         Bathrooms to have floor to ceiling tiling
·         Check height of tiling behind toilets
·         Partially Frosted windows in bathrooms, cost?
·         Check which way shower doors open and stipulate door opening direction in contract for all doors (entry, pantry, wardrobes, shower, internal)
·         Upgrade shower screens to Grange Series Overlap semi frameless. Master ensuite shower single panel of glass. 
·         Check location of taps in shower
·         Vanitys, Do they have draws or cupboards.
·         Extraction fans vented to the outside
·         Towel rails and toilet roll holders
·         Bathroom mirror – how long it is, full length? Tiled behind it or plastered?
·         Sealing tiles - Polished porcelain tiles and natural stone products may need to be sealed.  
·         Ensuite sliding cavity door
·         Floor to ceiling tiles in all bathrooms; half wall tiles to powderrooms
·         Drainage waste points in floor of bathrooms.
·         Guest ensuite sliding door & WIR sliding door
·         How big is the window in the master bedroom ensuite? What is its height from ground?
·         Will the bath tap in the master bedroom ensuite come from which wall or have to be a floor mounted spout? 
·         If floor mounted tap I want to know what tap you use as standard.
·         Also in the master ensuite upstairs the location of the towel bar is a challenge, suggestions welcome.
·         Finally re the master ensuite, the size of shower is large. Instead of a stegbar shower screen we want a frame-less panel of glass be used as screen
·         All bathroom basins to be Caroma Pearl 545 Inset Basins (Reece code 9503584) with Dorf Pearl Basin Mixer Chrome (Reece code, 2205964). 
·         The upstairs toilet we need to discuss the size and location of the sink as this area may indent into the bathroom as we want a cupboard & sink. I would like the Caroma Pearl basin on a small wall hung cupboard, ie a small version of bathroom, big enough that i can put a soap dispenser on it & in single cupboard fit a spare toilet rolls etc. I have exact version sample photos if you need. If I can't do this then can I suggest the White Stone Hox Mini Basin (Reece code 9500530).
·         All baths to have MIZU push plug chrome.
·         Location of towel rails, toilet roll holders etc in bathrooms/toilets,
·         We want the MIZU drift toilet roll holders (but varies from left/right depending on toilet). the MIZU drift Single towel bar chrome we'd like but need to confirm length for each room based on where we can place them. Also the MIZU drift robe hook chrome wanted in couple of places. And the MIZU drift Towel Rack Chrome is wanted in the Guest bathroom downstairs above the bath.
·         Downstairs powder room, location of the sink and toilet need to be swapped. This would create a better flow to the room and makes it safer for less abled persons trying to access this room with frames etc. Also the indent into WIP can be removed as fridge not going there hence creating more space in WIP/toilet.

·         Mirrored sliding wardrobe doors
·         window in boys room double horizontal window (see stegbar design or A&L )
·         windows check type opening, air ventilation issues,
·         manhole in area out of sight (WIR)
·         heating duct
·         Cavity Sliding entry door
·         Space for dyer on floor next to washing machine
·         Drainage waste hole in laundry floor in case washing machine floods
·         Overhead cupboards (see my plans)
·         Confirm what cabinetry included.
·         Dimensions of sink in prestige homes?
Living Areas:
·         Row of nogging to hang pictures
·         Sliding doors x2 to be recessed into floor so no step over; if not on slab pour do a cut into concrete.
·         Fireplace installed with natural stone mantel piece and floor piece. See my pics/plans
o   Heat & Glo 6000 TRSI-AUD (rear vented) unit
o   TRIM 3 black, bevelled
o   Set half in and half out. Therefore has to have stone mantle & base (as per display)
Alfresco / Patio
·         Check material used for ceiling roof in alfresco is for outdoors
·         height of garage door >1.9m
·         garage internal door, deadbolted
·         Check garage external hebel & internal plastering

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