Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Contract Meeting - List of Questions and things to remember

Here is my list of things for our Contract Meeting, will also add our Tender meeting questions as they are different.

Contract Meeting Questions/Reminders
·         Site survey & soil test.
·         Start date is the date that work commences onsite.
·         Check that contract only allows for rainy days being claimed before roofing is installed and only if there has been more than 5mm of rain.
·         Confirm how many days they are off for over xmas/ny period
·         Independent Inspector & PD response to correct issues found
·         Confirm setback from road & height of house within council guidelines
·         Glen Eira Council response to garage & set back.
·         Landscape plan do we need one? 
·         Correct orientation of house, garage on correct side.
·         Windows are same (ALL awning)
·         Window position, are they ALL centered
·         Double glazing to ALL windows *** add glazing to windows not done by PD 6star rating
·         Insulation add thickest to everywhere possible not done by PD for 6* energy rating
·         Height to upper floor increased
·         Stairs – correct option 4 – with Carpet runner to stairs
·         Check façade tile code NT14-6000FL is 1/3 tile lay
·         Confirm the alfresco/dinning roof as <25 pitch roof not 25deg, check how this effected upper bedroom windows & privacy screening needed on fence.
·         Kitchen window size needs correcting
·         Lounge window should be top opening Awning, same as others.
·         Check bedroom 3 & master bedroom windows correct size (MB 15*21, B3 15*15)
·         Check alfresco & dining depth width same 4210deep*4850wide
·         Check fridge capped water point on plan
·         Ht wardrobes. Check increased
·          Install extra noggings / studs / trimmers for mounting heavy pictures, TV's, projectors, screens, curtain tracks/blinds/school bags / jackets / dog leads in laundry / hall / cupboards understairs/ hang on walls, pictures, televisions, speakers, coat hooks, clothes dryer, toilet paper, towel rails, in hall cloak room, future shelves need noggins/ ceiling fan electrical provision and nogging in bedrooms and outdoor entertaining area (alfresco / gazebo) 
·         Acoustic batt insulation - dense/heavier, between floors, all walls.
·         Study – feature opening closed as per tender request.
·         Confirm internal walls of garage are plastered or brick
·         Confirm what got added for 6 star energy rating
·         Zoned lighting, controls for Shabbat, load spreading. Smoke alarms must be on own circuit for this.
·         Sliding door handles POA - ?omit & use lockwood cavity sliding door locks
·         Surge protector
·         Location of taps and shower rails, shower hose, bath spouts
·         All showers – Increase - Hose outlet 1500, top of shower rail 1850, mixer 1100
·         Location of towel rails
·         Location of outdoor taps
·         Venting from exhaust fans toilets and bathrooms & kitchen rangehood goes outside
·         Check Cold water point for fridge on plan
·         Check bath spout was changed to movable spout not fixed due to location
Heating / Cooling:
·         Check the location of ceiling vents for heating and cooling in bedrooms so they aren’t directly above beds. Move locations near the
·         Zoned A&B - heating
·         See if can get heating duct to laundry and ensuite upstairs
·         ability to set timers
·         Rangehood vented outside
·         Check cupboard, DW, oven, sink layout on plans
·         Check island bench correct length/width
·         Check Cupboards on island bench (bar stool side)
·         Size of window in kitchen, 600*3m, check Centered.
·         Double check both miele dishwashers listed
·         Check both AFA cubeline sinks with drainer board listed
·         Check miele h6400BM oven in tower not island
·         Check r/o full extension runner and insert organisational dividers
·         Check height of tiling behind all toilets
·         Check shower screens upgraded to Grange Series Overlap semi frameless in bathroom and guest ensuite
·         Check Master ensuite shower single panel of glass as per requested
·         Check location of taps in shower
·         Extraction fans vented to the outside
·         Check location of Towel rails and toilet roll holders, hand towels, towel nobs placed correctly
·         Bathroom mirrors – confirm type and size in kids bathroom & master bedroom. Check the size of mirror, no response from emails.
·         bath tap in the master bedroom ensuite come from which wall.
·         WC upstairs - White Stone Hox Mini Basin (Reece code 9500530).
·         Check all baths & sinks have MIZU push plug chrome.
·         Check kids bath size was increased
·         Check freestanding bath was Lure not arc
·         Check tile lay & grout of façade
·         Check mixers are mizu smooth not drift
·         Check bath mixer and outlet for guest bath mentioned
·         Check only paying for 4 toilets not 5
·         Check total of towel rings total is 5 not 2
·         Check tiling is in ALL toilets/WC

·         Mirrored sliding wardrobe doors
·         Wardrobe heights increased as per request to 2400. (Thomas Malone)
·         STILL haven’t seen quote for wardrobe fit outs.
·         Boys bedroom window must be centered as per tender request
·         Check final plans of laundry cabinetry
·         Check sink on correct side
Living Areas:
·         Remove entire quote from BIRK SOLUTIONS
·         Check Fireplace details
o   Heat & Glo 6000 TRSI-AUD (rear vented) unit
o   TRIM 3 black, barrelled
o   Log burner
o   Check position on plans & amount of projection into room
·         Check Intercom prewiring - upstairs too
·         Slimline light switches instead of std profile 
·         Confirm smoke alarms – photoelectric & ionisation (1 different type upstairs). On own circuit
·         Add 2 way switch to entry light when coming in from garage
·         Clarify how many powerpoints in tv room (is it quad as looks like a 1)
·         In study move point closer into middle of wall.
·         Move one GPO to the other end of island bench
·         Add GPO to boys room near door
·         In kids bathroom GPO inside cupboard above sink
·         SMOKE alarms on OWN dedicated circuit.

·         Remove all quote for desk and bookshelves to $$ 

Things we forgot but should remember if ever do again:
- PD reward/discount card 
- check bulk heads of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes in bedrooms (do at tender)

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