Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tender meeting

Well in summary the meeting was a disorganised mess on their part. They started an hour late, which wouldn't have annoyed us too much off we didn't have 4 kids to organise. They didn't have paperwork ready to review when they finally did start so we started reviewing random paperwork for an hour or so then redid it all when paperwork was done around midday. The day was huge, no breaks until 3.30  when we rushed off to get baby then returned to hopefully sign correct and completed document. Let's just say by 6.30pm we left as it still wasn't finished or correct. 

So much more to say on the tender meeting but will do another day. 
PD were happy to go with most of our structure changes but we were given a no to many others. Very disappointing but we accept that volume builders have contracts with certain suppliers for some of their styles and that can't be altered. They won't do insulation between downstairs and upstairs which really disappointed us as it's the only chance we have to install this. However if we wanted a custom home we could have done a custom build, just our budget won't allow it. 

Will include a list of questions we took with us soon. Or PM me and I can send to you. 

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