Saturday, 9 August 2014

Demo fun continues

Demolishment continues with a few hiccups along the way. Trees gone but many remain for demo crew to do. Asbestos gone, a few panels left as they can't access and will have to wait for full demo team to help with access. Electricity gone. Waiting new 3 phase electrical pit quote to arrive then approve that, should be here soon I hope. Gas finally gone after 30 working days and lots of calls to united energy and red energy (each slagging the other off). Red energy finally got a manager onto it and sorted it out. Various things sold on eBay gone. We took a few tiles and things to play with. Dad chopped a bit of wood for fireplaces. Random people coming and going. Roof tiles gone. Then bits of wood gone.
Suddenly all worked stopped due to bees. A quick google search and the bee wrangler came out and removed them all within a day. I don't even know where they were as a sit in hospital with my bub running the show from iPhone! 
Colours electrical tiles window furnishing and kitchen cabinetry selections done at the new World of Style. PD had the old showroom Hopetoun which we seen several times but then they opened this amazing new showroom. It presents brilliantly as it should. Will write more on that soon. 

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