Monday, 25 August 2014

Contract meeting

What a pleasant relief that is all over. The climax of stress with the new house selections and colours, electrical, tiles etc stuff, extreme sleep depivation, our baby's hospital visits, the four kids challenging us all in their own ways and the demolition stuff was getting way too much.

We went into the meeting ready, fully prepared and aware many things may not be done but our building coordinator was great. Finally no one to handball to, answers right then and there. Things were done with ease and weren't difficult like previous encounters. Our BC completely changed our view of PD and gave us confidence they are there to help us get us what we need and want for our dream home.
The meeting reviewed the contract, first drawings, then the contract wording. Luckily I'm good at details so lots of little errors noted and corrected. Feature holes covered over, wording matching drawings, details and quantities correct, all areas correctly tiled despite completely missing from drawings. It took 5+hrs and we called it a day, still not signed but the following day I returned for a few more hours to review final corrected document and sign everything. 

The team behind the scenes, the estimator and draftsman we never saw but they work hard and fast. Would be nice to see them briefly to say thanks but they remain hidden. 

We are still waiting for final costings for a few things but will be added as post contract variations. The glass panel in shower, the tiling for a toilet forgotten on plans, add more insulation, the final site slab costings which can't be confirmed until after the second site survey completed after the demo team finishes (another saga, why they haven't finished is a good question) and a few electrical changes awaiting costing. 

We are so relieved that the bulk of the decision process is done. The relief in the house is great, kids party on weekend was a party of freedom from stress and to celebrate good health (bub almost better). 
Now back to demolition and those hiccups, waiting for electrical pit quote still,waiting for more fencing quotes and then got to finalise pool design and get that dug before PD start. 
Yippee a few steps closer to our own home.

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